8 Low-Budget Decor Ideas for a Student Condo

8 Low-Budget Decor Ideas for a Student Condo

Have you purchased a condo for your young scholar near their academic institution or close to public transportation? What a great real estate investment! And good news: decorating it according to their tastes doesn’t require a large budget.

In fact, it’s easy to furnish this small space to the student’s liking while keeping it functional, all without spending a fortune. This type of decor will certainly suit your child, who dreams of a place to call their own. Here are our tips.

Lean on Multifunctional Furniture

If there is a time for multifunctional furniture to shine, it’s certainly student housing. A sofa bed for a friend who must stay the night, an adjustable-height coffee table to eat while watching TV, an ottoman with storage for extra seating, etc. Ideally, every item of furniture should have more than one use!

Create a Serious Ambiance for Better Studying

Any student wanting to appear serious about their studies must include bookcase lined with major works and reference materials in their decor. In addition to its indisputable value as a place to put books, it can also be utilized to store clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. Don’t forget containers or baskets to avoid visual clutter!

Accept Donations

Talk to the people you know and ask if they have any spare furniture or decorative accessories for the condo (for free or for a modest price). Are your acquaintances getting rid of dishes, utensils, or small appliances? Obtaining these second-hand items for a handful of dollars will also help your cut down on the total bill. It is even more relevant with these Low-Budget Decor Ideas for a Student Condo.

Add a Rug to Delineate Zones

Rugs are another inexpensive way of giving a decor texture and personality. But not all rugs are affordably priced. Shop around at big-box retailers and hardware stores. These are where you’ll generally get the best value for money.

In the condo, spread a rug beneath the couch and coffee table to create a more welcoming, comfortable living room. This also helps to separate this space from the dining room (as both areas are typically right next to each other in a small condo). Another option is to lay a small area rug partially under the bed, or at least by its side, so that toes touch a soft, warm surface every morning (or afternoon… ah! student life).

Personalize the Space Cheaply

Think outside the box when decorating the walls. Instead of works by other artists, the student can take advantage of the blank canvas each wall offers to display their photos of trips, friends, and family. The only expense is printing them out and mounting them. For a more pleasingly uniform look, stick to frames in a single colour. Or make an eye-catching, eclectic gallery wall with whatever frames you find at junk sales.

Adopt a House Plant

Greenery brings life to any space as well as a touch of colour. Does your student have a brown thumb? Buy the artificial variety instead. Bear in mind, though, that living plants are always the better option because they will keep the air inside the tiny dwelling clean and fresh.

Cure Homesickness

Treat your student to a little olfactory bliss with scented candles and the soap they are accustomed to (for the dishes, clothes, hands). What a great way of offering them a comforting reminder of home!

Use Vertical Space

Only have a limited amount of space? Make the most of every vertical centimetre by installing shelves and storage compartments all the way up to the ceiling. In this regard, apple crates can be purchased for next to nothing! Second-hand storage containers are also easy to find online. You could likewise hang items such as bicycles on the wall. After all, what would a student’s living quarters be without a little clutter?


As you can see, by limiting your decor spending, it is possible to retain control over your real estate investment all while creating a living space in which your student truly feels at home.

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